Message from President Alonzo



The Fundamentals of Service

AFT College Staff Guild Local 1521A Brothers and Sisters,

Henry Ford once wrote “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” It is my sincerest belief that no truer words could be said in describing the heart and strength behind any strong organization. Coming together is a start but it takes more; it takes a community, a family, a UNION to make things happen. AFT1521A must strive to hold firm to our convictions and our fortitude and in doing so, we will never fail. Despite the challenges, the hurdles that have stood in our way, and the continuous battle against opposition, it is my firm belief that if united, we can accomplish what was once unconceivable.

As many are aware, there has been a recent change in the office of the Presidency for AFT College Staff Guild, Local 1521A. Upon the recent resignation of President Suleman Ishaque, the Constitution and Bylaws dictates that I, Hazel Joy Alonzo, as the First Vice President, will assume the office of the Presidency. In addition, the Second Vice President, Jo-Ann Haywood will move into the vacated First VP position and a special election will be conducted to fill the vacancy of the Second VP. And due to an earlier resignation, the officer position of the Recording Secretary will also be included in the special election as well.

At this time, I want to put forth my assurance that leadership has never lost focus on the needs of our members during these changes. Through the adjustments and the transitions, member concerns have been in the forefront, and our commitment to AFT1521A has never wavered. I want to reassure membership that through the events that led up to the recent developments, your dedicated elected board have continued with the business of the Union in such things as negotiation preparations, engagement in continual conversations with the District as to the return to work plans, handling of member grievances, and overall ensuring that no member has been forgotten while we navigate working from home brought on by COVID. We are a proud organization, with a foundation that has endured years of challenges. I am confident that as each trial is overcome, we will only continue to grow in strength and numbers.

In closing, I want to say thank you for all your continued support and loyalty to AFT1521A. I am proud to serve you in this leadership role and will strive every day to ensure that your trust in me and in all your leaders are well warranted. And remember, each and every one of you serves as an integral part of this union and all your voices will be heard.


In Service to You,

Hazel Joy Alonzo

President, AFT College Staff Guild, Local 1521A